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Happy Birthday Cubs!

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Cub scouts is celebrating it’s 100th birthday this year with a special badge and varous events/activities celebrating this milestone.

Please vist the National Cubs 100 web site

Please visit the camp website with information for Cubs and parents alike.

We are attending the camp in late July/early August, and we have limited spaces (20) so please book your place soon. More information fomr Akela!

Supreme Box Cart Racing

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Last Sunday (27th September) the Cubs took part in the Supreme Box Cart Racing at Goodwood Racing Track.

We took 2 carts that Akela had made earlier and 9 cubs.

It was a long day with a couple of practices then straight into SIXTEEN heats! The course was a figure of 8 course, with hay bails around the edge and old tyres in the middle. The cubs were started by a drag-racing style starting machine, see the pictures, which added to the whole experience.

We did exceptionally well for our first go, winning some and losing some, sadly neither teams qualified for the knockout part of the competition, but to be honest all the Cubs (and Leaders) were starting to tire!

We had lovely weather, sunshine all day with Akela catching the sun. A great time was had by all.

Here are some photos

Here’s to next year…