Summer is here!

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Summer is here!

2 May 2017

Hope you’ve all had a great Easter break.

DON’T FORGET – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts has restarted (week 2 already!)

The Leaders will be handing out this term’s programnmne soon. Please have a look at the programme, and if you think, “Oh, I could do that”, please contact the respective Section Leader, and have a go…

Don’t forget Subs are due at the begining of each term. BE AWARE Cub parents, there’s a new way of paying, ie electronic. Paul (Akela) will have sent you all an email with paying intructions.

Don’t forget to have a look here at the breakdown of expenditures, and where the subs goes…

BEAVERS – we are still with 1st Southwick, so if you know of any 6 to 8 year olds at a lose end on Mondays, please contact me.

If there are any issues or thanks you wish me to pass on, please email me at

Group Scout Leader